What is Ephimera?

Ephimera launched in November 2020 during the #ArtProject 2020 art and tech expo with the Vancouver Biennale.

At the intersection of traditional fine art and cryptoart, Ephimera aims to curate a space for artists, collectors and galleries to revolutionize how art is interacted with.

We offer the opportunity for artists to sell their pieces as an exclusive single edition digital creation through blockchain technology.

Ephimera's vision is to create a vibrant community where conventional photographers and crypto artists intersect, creating dialogue about contemporary art and the blockchain.

For Collectors

Collect exclusive lens-based media in the marketplace, certified through the Ethereum blockchain.

Once you find a work that you like, you are free to place a bid on it.

After purchase, you can resell it on other marketplaces or keep it to exhibit online.

Works can be exhibited in virtual spaces like digital galleries, displays, and more.



For Artists

Authenticate your images by digitally verifying them on the Ethereum blockchain.

Afterwards, you can price your work for collectors to bid on the marketplace.

You will always be able to keep track of your work's transaction history and see who currently owns it.

artist application

Are You An Artist?

The First Marketplace For Galleries Is Here

Ephimera aims to bridge the gap between traditional fine art and digital art by offering a platform for galleries.

Galleries now have the opportunity to tokenize and secure their collections through blockchain technology.


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Crossings (Houston) 6/25

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